I saw a statement/question posed that went something like this:

OK ya’ll acid reflux off the charts, I’m on protonix, have tums, on zofran, need ideas. Drinking little water, sprite, milk, 7up, ginger ale

Heartburn is a false prognosis.
Heartburn is a false prognosis.

My answer to her was taken directly from my experiences dealing with this issue and it goes something like this:

Take about a tablespoon full of vinegar instead of ALL those poisons you listed as taking. You do not have an over abundance of acid in your stomach. You have a lack of acid in your stomach.

I know this IS the solution because this is exactly what I do if I get heart burn. Drs. kept me on these meds for so long when I was a Corrections Officer for the Texas Prisons. I had a constant heartburn that only relieved somewhat and sometimes when I was taking these poisons you list.

Kevin Treudex (In Federal Prison for not obeying the FDA, now) wrote the book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About and I read the book to try and find a cure for this. He said us vinegar so I did and it worked.

I hated the taste back then of vinegar (still not a great fan, but) so I purchased sour pickles and nipped the pickle juice (vinegar) and I got many a great night’s sleep after learning that.

Now, I rarely ever have heartburn but if I do I drink Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. It works best, but I suggest a jigger of vinegar (BRAGG ACV) with about 4 oz. water and a teaspoon of honey (Real Honey) to make it palatable.

Someone said: And the reason for Braggs is because it has to be a cider vinegar “with the mother” in it. I guess it’s a more active vinegar, idk, you’ll have to Google what that’s about. I haven’t read about it, I just know that’s what they say is important to look for when using it for medicinal therapies.

Well, I like Bragg’s best because the presence of the mother indicates that it is alive with, well, with life.

Heartburn is the Lack of acid in your stomach. Antacids do not work in the long run, vinegar does.
Heartburn is the Lack of acid in your stomach.
Antacids do not work in the long run, vinegar does.

I’ve used other vinegar’s, including white cane vinegar in a pinch, and it works for the purpose of the heartburn issues, falsely called acid reflux by medical the FDA & Drs..

The living mother is just the best vinegar to use. btw there are other vinegar’s that are not filtered so the mother is

still in them and they work just as well, but Idk their names (I don’t use them) and they are usually more expensive than Bragg’s brand is, is all.

Besides, in my experiences, Bragg’s is more commonly available in more places than the other ones are and that is another reason why I suspect they are cheaper to get than the others.

I pray this helps y’all as you deal with this and I would be glad to hear, in the comments below, how this has helped you.

Yah bless,

Frank Shrum
Frank Shrum


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